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What is Peer to Peer?

Peer-to-Peer is also known for its short name P2P. P2P concept is very simple. It’s the practice of file sharing over the internet with other people. You can download and upload music, files, movie’s, from other people’s computer through the internet community. There are many websites available on the web that allows you to share your files over the network. You create an account, install P2P software, and begin to download files that others are sharing to your local computer. These files are downloaded in just a few minutes depending on the bandwidth on your P2P software. P2P services are generally facilitating sharing of music and songs. On a Peer to Peer service you could be downloading music from other users that are sharing music and songs.

What are Music Stores in Comparison to ?

Napster and iTunes are known as music stores, and are quite different from With Napster you are basically renting songs, once you cancel your membership all downloaded songs will no longer play. All the songs that you have collected will be worthless, until you decide to renew your membership. The only time your Napster music will not be worthless, is if you purchased the songs. Napster members can only log onto their account on up to 3 computers, and copy music to only 3 computers. iTunes also requires you to purchase the songs in order to download music., on the other hand uses unrestricted mp3 format so once you download a song it is yours forever. You can play, burn, copy, and do pretty much anything you want with your music as long as it is for your own personal use and it is absolutely free. has no policy against the number of different computers you access your account from. You can also copy music to any computer as many times as you like. should be your preferred choice for downloading music for free.